The Happy Teacher


What if there was a way to add the joys of teaching back into the teaching and learning experience? What if there was a way to get on the ground floor of a new TEACHER-LED MOVEMENT to EMPOWER YOU and every teacher like you with practical, proven strategies to help struggling students succeed in reading, writing and independent thinking skills, plus 10 ways to engage boys and motivate them to succeed? Not to mention everything you need to meet state, federal, and COMMON CORE standards!

Introducing The Happy Teacher!

HappyTeacherCoverThe Happy Teacher Professional Development Training on January 11 or 14 is one of America’s best-kept secrets to revolutionizing teaching and learning and a new movement. You have an exclusive opportunity to benefit from an eye-opening, exciting and fun day of training that is launching a TEACHER-LED and INSPIRED movement. You’ll leave with everything you need to walk back into your classroom with a new attitude, a new community, and renewed purpose!

REGISTER NOW  and you also will receive: 
  • 30-days of personalized support! Your trainer will walk you through every strategy over the phone or Internet and model strategies during a 1-HOUR CLASSROOM VISIT for DMV teachers!
  • Lesson plans that will last for several months, with engaging activities designed to jump-start learning
  • A FREE book for all ages designed to boost literacy skills and student engagement that can be used for lessons across the curricula
  • Exclusive access to free downloads of additional literacy-related resources
  • Introduction to the new book: Why I Teach: A Guide to Re-Discovering the Love of Teaching
  • 10 Ways to Engage Boys and Inspire Academic Success
  • 13 Phrases to Quickly Stop Misbehavior


ht-gWhat educators are saying about The Happy Teacher:

 “The Happy Teacher is a must for all educators intent on improving instruction, reaching the seemingly disconnected student, and creating magic within the classroom.” – Cheryl Thomas, Veteran English Teacher and Ed.D., Educational Leadership

“Literacy is the foundation, the key, to all formal learning. The Happy Teacher is a gem of a system that trains teachers and awakens students in developing the LOVE to read and write as it builds proficiency in both. Rarely are those two objectives combined in an educational program. The goal of The Happy Teacher is teaching children to read and write well and to love reading and writing, while valuing each student as a prized human being; and EXPECTING dramatic results to be realized.” – Carol Manigault, Professor of Math and Computer Science at Felician College, New Jersey

“As harmful as America’s tests and sanctions-driven ‘school reform’ strategy is to teachers and students, and as much as it must be replaced by helping schools improve, there’s still a chance for teachers in low income schools to be effective and enjoy teaching.  In The Happy Teacher: 11 Rs Every Teacher Should Know Training Manual, Caroline Brewer and Joshua I. Smith cogently describe eleven principles embodying the needed positive approach for effective teaching and illustrate the principles with specific, engaging and proven examples.  The Happy Teacher: 11 Rs is an invaluable guide for teachers, especially for those teaching reading and writing in today’s inner city schools.” – Gary M. Ratner, Executive Director and Founder, Citizens for Effective Schools,


Happy Teacher Professional Development Training
in Washington, D.C.
on Saturday, Jan. 11, 2014 or Tuesday, Jan. 14, 2014,
at 62 T Street NE,
Washington, D.C.,  20002 * 9:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
(Breakfast begins at 8:30 a.m.)
*** Space is limited!

Cost: JUST $325 Early Bird Registration
JUST $395 Advance Registration
$445 On-Site Registration
(Registration includes materials, books, lesson plans, continental breakfast, and lunch)
Hosted by Teacher, Education Consultant and Author Caroline Brewer


About the Trainer

Caroline Brewer, creator of The Happy Teacher Training Program, and facilitator of The Happy Teacher Movement, is a teacher, education consultant and author, who has made presentations to nearly 25,000 teachers, children, parents, and librarians. Her books include Why I Teach: A Guide to Re-Discovering the Love of Teaching, The Happy Teacher: 11 Rs Every Teacher Should Know training manual and Parent Power: How to Raise a Reading Superstar. Her children’s books include Kara Finds Sunshine on a Rainy Day, The Jelani Tree, part of the children’s literature course of Felician College, Barack Obama: A Hip Hop Tale of King’s Dream Come True, Head Start: Our Kind of Place, Collard Greens and Yams, and Kara and Friends Meet Abraham Lincoln.

“Caroline Brewer provides practical strategies to help struggling readers succeed, not only with reading and writing, but with independent learning skills.” – Cheryl Thomas, Ed.D., Educational Leadership